The gratuitous reply was unexpected

—– Original Message —–

From: Councillor Cooper

To: Gary Osborne

Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 2:01 PM

Subject: RE: WCHL

Hello Mr Osborne

Of course  I have no problem answering these questions. All of this information is available and all decisions made were made inside due process and are legal. I  will treat your questions as a LGOIMA request and you will recieve your answers within the statutory time frame.

On a personal note. I actually find my self just wanting to tell you to go away in no uncertain terms. You only ask these questions in election years when you are looking to stand for elected office. Therefore  I find your requests ridiculous and time consuming and somewhat contradicatory. You are making inferences that council are illegally wasting taxpayers money when you are quite happy to use up officers time on these incessant questions for no public good and taking them away from tasks that actually benefit the ratepayers.

And..please do not send me any of your silly UPPER CASE REMINDER emails when we don’t reply  to your questions after 2 days. The statutory time frame is somewhat longer than that.

And.. please go to the paper saying that I have insulted you. I would love the publicity right now.

Linda Cooper

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2 Responses to The gratuitous reply was unexpected

  1. Rev1 says:

    This is just typical of councillors. They never reply to simple questions asked by concerned ratepayers in a manner that is helpful or courteous. They always seem to be defensive, arrogant and forgetful of who they are really serving. She certainly wont be receiving my vote!

  2. jim carney says:

    On a personal note she is telling you tyo f off.Not very ladylike! As paid director she should have no trouble calling for legal assistance to answer any questions about the company.What is she trying to hide ?? Tusitala

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