Bob’s emails 3

Bob Harvey has sometimes taken it upon himself to write  to people who have dared to criticise the Council in the Western Leader. Here is one such of his letters:

 “Dear Mr X,

I felt your letter in the Western Leader needed a response. It seems to me that you are not aware that when a community votes it is a decision which is not taken lightly and it is democracy being delivered. The people that you de-ride in your letter worked tirelessly for the community. I couldn’t think of a better community with vision and hope. We will see how this one delivers on its promises.

 I notice with interest that it is people such as yourself with European surnames that make the most noise and write the most denigrating, offensive and insulting letters. They have obviously forgotten their country and the turmoil that they have left behind but they don’t forget the attitude of centuries of war, hatred and loathing.

 Your letter personifies this kind of nastiness and I guess that you are probably feeling quite proud of yourself. Well Mr X, don’t be. Your letter belittles decent and good people who stood for election and it also insults the system that exists in this country.

 Maybe you could find a better country to take your hatred out on. I suggest a visit to the travel agent is in order.




Clearly, Bob, whose letters in the Western Leader over the years have demonstrated an intolerance of people whose views don’t coincide with his own, is unaware that people on the receiving end of some of the letters, which he probably thought were quite witty when he penned them, have themselves felt insulted.

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1 Response to Bob’s emails 3

  1. Gadfly says:

    Judging a person by his “European” name exposes the Mayor’s basic prejudices snd tells us that really he is not fit to hold office. Let’s hope the government advisory committee takes his bias into consideration when they meet to consider his nomination for a Queen’s New Year honour that he desperately craves.

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