Pool Fencing POAG


Following my address to the Henderson Massey Community Board on 3rd March 2011 and my publication of that address on this blogsite, I have had a number of enquiries from pool owners wanting to know more about POAG.


POAG (Pool Owners Action Group) was formed in 2003.

24 pool owners put in $800 each with the intention of taking a class action against Waitakere City Council for its overbearing attitude and misinterpretation of the Fencing of  Swimming Pools Act 1987.

Instead WCC sought a declaratory judgment, all aspects of which it lost and POAG was awarded $20,000 costs.


However this did little to change the attitude of some pool inspectors.


POAG’s website gives much more detail and that information can be accessed on www.poag.org.nz

To join POAG there is a lifetime membership fee of $100 and many of our members who have joined since the original group was formed will readily attest to their decision to join having been well worthwhile. Phone Gary Osborne 09 834 4513.


In 2005 I put out a book entitled “Sitting on the Fence” which gave much background to the pool fencing issue. If members of the public want a copy of this book it is available for $20. You can order it by phoning me ( Gary Osborne)  on 09 834 4513.

If you are a member of  POAG it is available for $10.


I am currently working on a sequel entitled “Shifting the Fence” which will detail a number of issues such as a judge not turning up for hearing. A judge “assuming” there had been changes to the law since the 1987 FOSP Act, inaccurate personal files, wrong sentencing dates, wrong court hearing dates, witnesses mingling in the same room as Council officers at a Court Hearing during a recess, a barrister turning up unprepared for a sentencing hearing and being granted a recess to do some homework, refusal of a judge to release a sentencing hearing transcript.

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