Another Waitakere Deal



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1 Response to Another Waitakere Deal

  1. Rev1 says:

    The remarks made in the western Leader By Penny Hulse (Deputy Mayor) make me angry. She says that “the council should be transparent”
    Was she transparent when deals were done at Waitakere City Council? Did she understand the commitment the council made when she was Deputy Mayour at Waitakere City. No! She didnt understand the diffrence between buying shares and selling land and buidings for a 44 % share holding in Auckland Film studios ltd. Penny side steps and plays a poltical game of saying one thing and doing another. Its time to get rid of these so called poiticians who feed at the trough being paid by hardworking honest ratepayers who want to see debt reduced substanially. Unfortuenatley I can only see huge rate increases happening based on four reasons 1. The huge unaffordable debt by Auckland Council ($4 Billion????) 2. New changes taking place in rates from land based to capital value rating system, 3. The leaky house debarcle, and 4. The possible Rugby World Cup losses. The s–t will hit the fan then!!!!!

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