Road “Improvements”?


The reason why we can’t have safer cycle lanes is because there are a bunch of selfish adults out there including a large bunch of Council and CCO officers who think it is their right to have cycle lanes on the road, and bugger those who would prefer safer cycle lanes. Parents are unwilling to allow their children on the roads and want off road cycle lanes.


These selfish bastards are wanting to breathe in fumes and wreck their lungs and tell you they are getting healthy. Bollocks I say. I am in favour of cycling for health, this is not the way to do it. You would of course notice that these same selfish pricks will scoot across the intersection on the pedestrian phase or when the light is red but they see nothing coming, or ride on footpaths when something is in their way, they just want to ride on roads and have more than their share of the public funding, as in a dedicated cycle lane over the harbour bridge rather than have hooks on buses to get them across.


By the way, this so called “Te Atatu Rd Upgrade” smacks of the same thing that happened on Lake Road Devonport. It was called Lake Road improvement and the one lane each way nose to tail chaos that was , everyone thought “improvement” –good we are getting extra traffic lanes, no they put up with months and months of chaos while cycle lanes were built and it was only late in the piece that they discovered improvement meant cycle lanes not extra traffic lanes to ease terrible congestion. We had huge opposition, but the officers fought it and carried on.


Viv Keohane

Kaipatiki Local Board member.

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