Ambassador for BNZ


On Monday 3 September I went to the BNZ, Henderson to do some banking. As I was turning into the car park at 11.50 am the car in front of me had difficulty manoeuvring his way in because of a vehicle coming out. I waited patiently then moved my car forwards so the tail was not sticking out on the main road.

The big black 4WD coming out then moved forwards and beckoned me to reverse back onto the road. I beckoned him to reverse back into the car park as the safer option. He called out “I’m not moving.”

I got out of my car and approached him to suggest a little common sense might be in order. I then noticed it was Bob Harvey. I suggested to him the need for common sense. It was safer for him to back up into the car park rather than me reverse onto the road. There was a car behind me on the road waiting to come into the car park. There was also a car on the median line on the opposite of the road waiting to enter the car park.


Mr Harvey told me he did not like being insulted and adopted an intransigent stance. I walked back to the driver of the car on the road behind me and told him we had reached an impasse and there may be a considerable delay as the driver of the other vehicle was Bob Harvey and common sense was needed to resolve the problem.


As I walked back to Mr Harvey’s vehicle a parking warden approached. I asked if I could borrow his pen and duly noted Mr Harvey’s registration number as ENR174. I returned to my car and thankfully common sense did prevail. Mr Harvey reversed his vehicle allowing me to enter the car park.


It is good to see such fine ambassadorial spirit does actually exist.

Mr Harvey is the Banking Ambassador for the BNZ, Henderson.  

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2 Responses to Ambassador for BNZ

  1. g c leathem says:

    Whats new? this type of behaviour shown by Mr Harvey over the years even as mayor of Waitamata ,is par for the course, Reminds me of something about a” Leopard” and “spots”

  2. Alex says:

    Nothing new here. Bob has always been a bully. I do remember how he spoke at a public meeting about a Elderly women. His comments to her as the then Mayor were nothing short of disgusting. He should have been thrown out of the meeting forthwith. He Has no Grace.

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