Water Careless or Couldn’t Care Less?



Follow up Letter to Mark Ford, Chief Executive, Watercare.


6 September 2012


Dear Sir,


I am unimpressed by your dismissive arrogance. My query for an explanation of an excessively high estimate for my water bill at 7.30 am on 9 August 2012, resulted in inconsistent information being provided to me. The reason for my complaint directly to you on 23 August was carefully spelt out in that letter.

Your discourtesy in not replying to me personally is not appreciated.


  1. The generalised answer to my eight specific questions on 9 August was unsatisfactory.
  2. Despite repeated assertions to the contrary, the questions have not been answered.
  3. My request to Debbie Hickson to talk to you at 2.45 pm on 9 August resulted in me being transferred to Owen Cook, Communications Manager.
  4. Daniel Wrigley’s assertion at 5.15 pm on 9 August “We believe we’ve answered your questions”, flies in the face of the facts.
  5. Your comment to me at 5.15 pm on 21 August “We don’t want threats” was gratuitous and inflammatory.
  6. Mr Hawkins’ comment that I had bullied and harassed staff was unfounded. When I asked him whom he was accusing me of bullying, after some reflection, he replied “Daniel.” If Daniel Wrigley is in the Communications Team  he should be capable of dealing adequately with customer complaints.
  7. The threatening letter from Russell McVeagh, following instructions from Watercare, received by me at 3.20 pm on 23 august did nothing to ameliorate the situation.
  8. The fact that two futile attempts were made to retrieve it did not impress me one iota.
  9. The fact that the retraction by Sally Fitzgerald, Partner, Russell McVeagh, following instructions from Watercare, was not on a Russell McVeagh letterhead did not impress me one iota.
  10. When I asked to speak to you at 9am on 24 August, Debbie Hickson put me through to David Hawkins. When I asked when I would get the courtesy of acknowledgement of my complaint to you, his comment was “You will get acknowledgement when Mr Ford has time to deal with it.” I didn’t appreciate his dismissive attitude.
  11. When I spoke to you at 12.30 pm on 30 August and asked you directly when I could expect the courtesy of a response, your comment was “I will talk to David Hawkins.” When I pressed you further your reply was “I don’t know, I’ll go and find out about it.”
  12. The email from David Hawkins at 8.23 am on 5 September claims “You have received acknowledgement and Mr Ford’s decision on your formal complaint is that the matter is now closed.” I find this extremely arrogant.


I would appreciate:

  1. A copy of acknowledgement of receipt of my formal complaint.
  2. Specific replies to my 8 specific questions put to Watercare on 9 August.


It appears to me either

  1. You have not read my complaint to you. Or
  2. You have not understood it. Or
  3. You couldn’t care less.


As a captive consumer of a monopoly service I believe I am entitled to far better service than Watercare has provided.

Recent newspaper articles tend to suggest many other Watercare customers feel the same way.


Yours sincerely,


Gary Osborne.



In a Western Leader article on 1/6/12 it was stated:

“But Watercare chief services officer Trish Langridge says it is responding to customers’ needs. “Our customers have told us that monthly billing enables them to budget more effectively than receiving six monthly or quarterly bills.””

This is arrant nonsense.

Yesterday’s Western Leader published the following front-page article.








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1 Response to Water Careless or Couldn’t Care Less?

  1. REV1 says:

    What’s wrong with these turkeys. Don’t they understand common courtesy.They are paid way too much!. They don’t understand who they are paid by, The ratepayer or is that the Raped payer
    Total aggorance. Mr Ford be a real man and respond.

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