Auckland Council Elections 2013

Nominations for local body elections closed on 16th August 2013.
Election date is 12th October 2013.
To see a list of candidates for Mayor, Councillors and Local Board members google 2013 Election candidates – Auckland Council

I haven’t met a ratepayer who is unconcerned by rising rates and increasing debt.
Many candidates will be contacting you asking for your vote.
I have compiled a questionnaire for candidates that I will send out to those who have already provided email addresses this weekend.
I will send others as email addresses come to hand.
I will publish the names of those who respond and their responses.
Here is the questionnaire:

1. What do you see as the prime function of a Councillor/Local Board member?
2. Will you be accessible to ratepayers during normal business hours?
3. How?
4. Will you be accessible to ratepayers outside normal business hours?
5. How?
6. Do you see this as a full-time commitment?
7. If not, how many hours a week do you propose devoting to the job?
8. Do you have a good working knowledge of Profit & Loss accounts and Balance Sheets?
9. Are you comfortable with Auckland Council’s current debt level?
10. What is the current debt?
11. Are you comfortable with the planned expansion of debt?
12. What is the proposed debt for 2018? (5 years from now)
13. What steps will you take to see that AC has control over Council Controlled Organisations?
14. What steps will you take to see that CCOs are financially accountable to ratepayers?
15. What do you know about the problems in the area you intend to represent?
16. What do you intend to do to fix them?

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3 Responses to Auckland Council Elections 2013

  1. Rev1 says:

    Excellent Questions. Now we will see who really is interested in representing the Ratepayer.
    I believe there is too much waffle in their advertisements and no substance.

  2. Brad says:

    Can you publish those that don’t reply and don’t want to answer these questions?

    • Certainly.
      I will publish full responses as they come in, and any negative comments.
      Many candidates did not provide email addresses with their enrolments.

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