Auckland Council Candidate Responses

Councillor Candidate for Albert-Eden-Roskill ward Grace Haden
1. It is not as I see it to be these roles are defined by statute and that is how they should be conducted. Ignorance of the law is no excuse Councillors and Mayor are the governing body as set down by the local government act 2002 A governing body of a local authority is responsible and democratically accountable for the decision-making of the local authority. And act in accordance with
39 Governance principles
A local authority must act in accordance with the following principles in relation to its governance: (a) a local authority should ensure that the role of democratic governance of the community, and the expected conduct of elected members, is clear and understood by elected members and the community; and (b) a local authority should ensure that the governance structures and processes are effective, open, and transparent; and (c) a local authority should ensure that, so far as is practicable, responsibility and processes for decision-making in relation to regulatory responsibilities is separated from responsibility and processes for decision-making for non-regulatory responsibilities; and (d) a local authority should be a good employer; and (e) a local authority should ensure that the relationship between elected members and management of the local authority is effective and understood.
52 Role of community boards
The role of a community board is to— (a) represent, and act as an advocate for, the interests of its community; and (b) consider and report on all matters referred to it by the territorial authority, or any matter of interest or concern to the community board; and (c) maintain an overview of services provided by the territorial authority within the community; and (d) prepare an annual submission to the territorial authority for expenditure within the community; and (e) communicate with community organisations and special interest groups within the community; and (f) undertake any other responsibilities that are delegated to it by the territorial authority.
2. Yes I am their representative on council without the input of the residents good management cannot occur.
3. By email, telephone and personal meeting if and when it warrants.
4. By email, telephone in emergencies
5. By email, telephone and personal meeting if and when it warrants
6. Definitely
7.As required
8.Yes I do but it is not just accounts where issues arise in council, it is the wastage in contracting to trusts which have been set up by former and current council members , the identity fraud which means that managers can be contracting to themselves.
I will strive to make the procurement process transparent and accountable. See the AWINZ example
We also have to deal with conflicts of interest within councils such as that of the current CEO
9.No council has been run like a free for all we need to operate within budget.
10.In excess of 6 billion
11.No it is entirely unnecessary Councils need to be run just like we run our family budget, if you can’t afford it you do without. You deal with essentials first . Luxuries are only for when you can afford them.
12.I believe it is 12.5 Billion
13.Transparency and accountability, get rid of the directors who have conflicts of interest with contractors.
14.Transparency on decision makings get rid of the confidential agendas make the CCO’s properly accountable for their decisions and actions they should be acting in the best interest of the city not in the interest of a few.
15.I have been police officer for 15 years a private Investigator for 10 years. I have spent the past 7 years putting he spot light on council corruption and have done a huge amount of research on the committee for Auckland, Chamber of commerce and have seen how council is being influenced by business and been abducted by them.
16.Corruption = Monopoly + discretion – Accountability. By removing discretion and accountability Corruption will be reduced

Whau LB Candidate Jack Weir
1. A Councillor is a Ward representative with a Regional perspective required to consider what is best for Auckland as a whole.
A Local Board Member’s role is to represent and promote the interests of his/her electorate with the Governing Body and Mayor within the sphere of influence
2.Yes and I have been during the past term with the Whau Local Board. I gave up my full time employment to enable me meet my obligations to my community.
3. Email, Phone and personal attendance in the office.
4. Yes, within reason by email, phone and personal attention as I have during the past term.
5. As above
I see the role of Councillor as a full time commitment.
Other than Chair which from October is acknowledged as a full time role, the Local Board role is not full time. However to fulfill your responsibilities as a Local Board Member I can not see how you can work full time or manage a business, as there are many meetings during business hours that you need to attend to properly fulfill the requirements of the role.
6. I am committed to spend the hours necessary to do the job.
7. Yes. I have more than 30 years in business.
8. It is relative to its asset base.
9. Approx $6billion.
10. I would prefer to see the disposal of underperforming assets to reduce debt, or reduce the need to take on additional debt.
13. They currently are “controlled” by Council and the Mayor. At Local Board level we make representations to Council and the Mayor with our frustrations borne from our relationships with the various CCO’s.
14. As above
15. Having been on the Whau Local Board for the inaugural term I am quite familiar with the problems at present. Many of them are a work in progress because very few can be fixed easily or without adversely impacting others in the Community and others become apparent due to infrastructure failure or wear and tear.
The New Lynn development is a major work in progress which has had a very significant and in some cases adverse effects on local people and businesses. The transformation now resulting from the pain is now being welcomed by many. Avondale has been sadly neglected in the past and the current Board has taken very significant steps to develop a plan to rejuvenate Avondale and provide quality Council facilities and infrastructure that will make Avondale a more livable centre.
Issues arising from significant road works including SH20 and Tiverton/ Wolverton Roads and temporary but nevertheless very disruptive and outside our control.
The Rosebank 2030 plan is a key piece of work to ensure there are additional employment opportunities for local and other West Auckland residents.
Youth unemployment is unsatisfactorily high and the Whau Board Youth Connections programme is working to ensure that our young people leave school with a plan to continue with their education, trade training or employment.
16. Continue with the current initiatives and find workable solutions with the Community/ies affected.

Whau LB Candidate Paul Davie
1.Councillor-To deal with regional issues and governance
Local Board Member – to deal with local/ward issues and governance
2. Yes
3. Mobile,Email,landlineand drop in when in the office
4. Yes
5. Phone only unless in case of emergency
6. No
7. In past experience the requirement varies dependent upon what is happening at any given time. On average approx. 20 hours per week.
8. Average, but not an accountant. We do have an accountant on the Community Independents team.
9. Absolutely not.
10. Approx $7 billion
11. No
12. Approx $12 billion
13. Very hard at Local Board level to have a real impact however we as boards can ask hard questions and take a public stand against huge levels of debt and subsequent rates rises.
14. Under the current structure it is virtually impossible to hold CCO’s to account.
15. Whau has had a significant amount of money and time spent on New Lynn revitalization at the expense of other town centers and areas. The Unitary Plan has the potential to strangle smaller town centers and village areas.
16. I intend to make business associations more accountable to the ratepayers through the Whau Local Board to address areas such as in Avondale that have been stifled by a lack of vision or ability of key people in those associations and also by a lack of appropriate action by the current local board members and the previous Avondale community board.

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