Auckland Council Candidate Responses 4

I am impressed that the responses to my questionnaire to date have, in some cases been substantive, and some ratepayers have commented to me that whether or not they agree with all that has been said in those responses, they appreciate the fact that some candidates have made an effort. I will continue to publish further responses as they come to hand. It is interesting to note at this stage that not one incumbent Councillor has responded.

Whau LB Candidate Derek Battersby
1. Councillor Regional matters. Local Board Member deals with local issues and lobbies the GB for local resourcing
2. As Chair of the Whau Local Board I work full time out of the Whau office in new Lynn
3. At Whau office
4. Yes
5. By landline,mobile or appoimtment
6. Yes I currently work between 30 and 40 hours per week
7. Between 30 and 40 hours per week
8. I do
9. I believe it’s manageable. However I’m mindful of prudent fiscal management
10. $5 billion or there about
11. To move Auckland forward to meet growth is a challenge council needs to borrow funds to meet that challenge providing the debit is manageable and does not place undue hardship on our ratepayers. Prudent Management is the key. Rather live within ones needs but thast not possible is it?
12. $9.6 billion
13. Governing Body Responsibility. However the boards have oversight to CCO,s
14. Governing Body responsibility. However the Boards have oversight to CCO,s
15. I understand most issues within the Whau Local Board area that are directly related to Council
16. The Board through the 30 year plan addresses issues and are funded within that Plan. We continue to monitor and adjust when required

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