Auckland Council Candidate Responses 6

Important forthcoming dates:
7 September Full candidate profiles available
20 September Voting documents delivered
12 October Election Day
17 October Declaration of Results

Waitakere Councillor Candidate Christine Rose
1. To serve, respect, encourage, listen and do all my reading, research and homework before coming to decisions in the best interests of all.
2. Yes, this will be my full time job as was my practice when I was in local and regional government in the past.
3. Phone, email, social media and in person
4. Yes
5. As above
6. Yes
8. Yes I have a high level of financial literacy, I’m fiscally conservative, have had 15 years reading local government accounts and applying a high level of analysis and scrutiny
9. No
10. Auckland is carrying too much debt including the costs of amalgamation carried forward. Some debt for long lived infrastructure is acceptable, so that current ratepayers aren’t paying up front for infrastructure that benefits future generations over the longer term, but we shouldn’t contemplate burdening either present or future generations with gold plated or unnecessary expenses. Debt should not be used to cover operational expenditure
11. No, unsustainable
12. It depends who gets elected and what decisions they make! Nothing is set in stone!
13. I support a review of CCOs – a reduction in units to start with – I actually see no good reason for CCOs given their costs and lack of accountability and their crazy duplication of administrative functions and overheads.
14. Proper review of their budgets and Annual Reports, scrutiny of performance, proper accountability through the CCO review committee. Holding them to account. Better transparency. I’d like to be one of the Council representatives on the Auckland Transport CCO Board.
15. Lots of issues, lots of problems, transport is a significant one for the West
16. See all the above!

Henderson-Massey LB Candidate Brenda Brady
Hi Gary
I have not answered the questionnaire as I find you are often not fair, or just, in the way that you interpret answers that are provided to you when you ask a series of questions.
You may quote my answer, but you may not paraphrase it or alter my reply in any way.
Thank you
Brenda Brady

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1 Response to Auckland Council Candidate Responses 6

  1. Brad says:

    It is noted on her signs that she is “informed”? Her response would suggest that is not the case. Her response shows a lack of information. I thought asking people questions was
    expected in the cut and thrust of politics local or National.Im wanting those who may know to respond with common sense replies or a simple “dont know or I will find out” and respond accordingly. There is an old saying “if its too hot in the kitchen, get out”. Whats not fair and just about a few questions. Poor on thing. It must be too hard for her.

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