Auckland Council Candidate Responses 8

Waitakere Ranges LB Candidate Sandra Coney
Hi Gary, I’m not running for AC but the LB. You need councillors who are running for another term to reply. Sandra C

Rodney (Dairy Flat) LB Candidate Peter Brydon
1. Be a voice for my community to the council.
2. Yes, I am a self employed electrician.
3. By phone, email and visit.
4. Yes,
5. By phone, email and visit.
6. No, but it is a commitment.
7. 8/16 hours.
8. I run my own business, yes I under stand profit and loss.
9. Where has this debt come from and why.
10. I don not know the current debt level.
11. There should not be any expansion off debt, what are our assets, what is the budget.
12. Do not know.
13. I think we have to sort what is councils core business first, then look at if these things fit in with it.
14. Are they councils core business, if the council is going to run them as a business, therefore at a profit, they have to have competition, so the rate payers have a choice off where they go for these services, if not they should be classed as essential service and run to recover costs only.
15. The problems I see in my area are that we get no value for our rates and the people before me seemed to be self serving.
16. I have to get the job first, make them honest, accountable and transparent. It is our money and council is communities, not trade trips overseas.

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