Auckland Council Candidate Responses 9

Puketapapa LB Candidate Hari Shankar
1. The prime function of a councillor/Local Board member is to assist the council make decision in coming up projects as per the needs of our people. The major concern of our people is the decrease in cost of living. If the services provided to them by Council is reduced it will ease their living. As an accountant and experienced management personnel I will ensure that projects are well planned and are cost effective.
After one year people shall be paying 10% less on Rates, Water bills, etc.
2. Yes
3. I have two offices one in Sandringham and the other in Balmoral where I provide JP’s Services people are most welcome to meet me at these venues. In Sandringham office I have a meeting room as well. Some organisations are taking advantage of this facility.
4. Yes
5. I offer my JP’s services from Mt Roskill home as well people are most welcome to meet me at home or they can call me at the site I will ensure their needs are fulfilled.
6. Yes
7. I am available 10 to 12 hours a day. One half of this is for community work.
8. Yes I deal with Profit and loss and Balance Sheet everyday as an accountant, tax agent and a businessman I have got a sound knowledge of accounting system.
9. No it needs to be restructured. This can be easily maintained by deferring some of the projects.
10. The exact figures are not on hand though it is disclosed in council reports and many of prospective Council/Board members have mentioned in their report which I have received via e mail.
11. No we need to defer some of the projects otherwise our people will take the burden of cost incurred.
12. Our sensible move will reduce the debt level 50% of what we have today.
13. By suggesting and implementing better administrative control over those entities.
14. This can be easily done by adopting cooperate accounting principles which I will suggest and ensure our ratepayers get the information.
15. Cost of living is very high and Unemployment as mentioned earlier.
16. Call to reduce all the expenses by 10% and demand for tax free Industries and creating tax free zones.

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