Auckland Council. Contacting Representatives

Auckland Council has a team of spin doctors that presents the news in a way that it feels will be acceptable to ratepayers. Much ratepayer money is spent on producing glossy pamphlets and publications such as “Our Auckland” in an effort to convince ratepayers how wisely their hard-earned rates are being spent.

Recent pay rises for elected representatives have been generous. How then does the ordinary ratepayer contact their elected representatives and how much energy goes into facilitating such contact?

On Thursday 7th November I wished to phone a new Councillor. I went to the Council website to look up the relevant phone number. I noted there were no phone numbers for any newly elected representatives (neither Councillors nor Local Board members).
Next morning I rang the Council Call centre on 3010101 and asked for the phone numbers of new Councillors. They were unavailable. I asked to speak to the person in charge of the information. I was asked to give my name and then put on canned music for three or four minutes before being told they could not find out who was in charge. I was asked if I wished to lodge a complaint. I declined the offer.

A few minutes later I rang and spoke to Jason Marris, Manager Democracy Services. I asked who was in charge of the information on the website and he said, “We are.” I asked who was “we” and he said the Democracy Services team. I told him I would email a couple of questions. Here is what ensued (beginning at the bottom with my two questions).

Good morning Gary,

Our website will be updated today or tomorrow with all of the contact details for Councillors.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss, please note I am in a training session today.

Have a good day.


Sent from my Windows Phone

From: Jason Marris
Sent: ‎8/‎11/‎2013 5:05 p.m.
To: ‘Gary Osborne’
Subject: RE: Contacts
Hi Gary,

Apologies but I haven’t got the information for you yet.

I will respond on Monday.



From: Jason Marris
Sent: Friday, 8 November 2013 8:26 AM
To: ‘Gary Osborne’
Subject: RE: Contacts
Hey Gary,

Thanks for your email.

I am enquiring with our support services team who look after that information and will hopefully be able to come back to you today. I am in interviews most of the day, however, should be able to reply once I get the information.



From: Gary Osborne []
Sent: Friday, 8 November 2013 8:25 AM
To: Jason Marris
Subject: Contacts
Dear Jason,

1. Why are there no phone numbers available for new Councillors?
2. When will they be available?

Yours sincerely,
Gary Osborne

It is now Wednesday 13th November. I have just checked the website.

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1 Response to Auckland Council. Contacting Representatives

  1. REV1 says:

    They are so fill of their own importance and have no respect for the public. If they could find a real job in the public sector they would be dismissed within days. They are just so arrogant.!!!! But then what can you expect when it comes from the top. The CEO Dud McKay is just a certified egotistical Orangatang.

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