The Public Works Act A Layman’s View

For those of you who have never been confronted by the Public Works Act, think yourselves lucky. It is fraught with difficulties that arise from power in the hands of a bureaucracy being foisted upon ordinary property owners. Although there are many assurances about good faith bargaining, in realty that isn’t the case.

Yesterday there was an article in the Sunday Star Times referring to the booklet I have prepared for property owners who are confronted by this Act for the first time.

Chapter 11
1. Drop flyers to all affected owners possible
2. Form a group to work together and share information
3. From Day 1 keep a good written record of everything you do
4. Approach your Local Board to speak to them
5. Call a Public Meeting to formalise your group
6. Go to the local media
7. Check your own property for detrimental impact, start compiling a list
8. Sort out a lawyer with PWA experience (reasonable fees payable by acquirer)
9. Sort out a valuer with PWA experience (reasonable fees payable by acquirer)
10. Clarify in your own mind the distinctions between Sections 17,18 PWA
11. For an offer, insist on a copy of the valuation on which the offer is based
12. Present any offers to your lawyer
13. Get your own valuation done. Make your valuer aware of all your concerns.
14. If offer is acceptable, make sure you go through all the conditions in the agreement with your lawyer to ensure they meet your satisfaction

If you wish to order a copy of my booklet (free of charge) simply email me:

I will email you a copy (36 pages)

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