Local Board Chair Retracts

On 1 May 2014, following questions from other ratepayers as to what was happening to the shops in Edmonton Rd opposite Countdown in Te Atatu South, I put the following questions to Vanessa Neeson, Chair of my Local Board, the Henderson-Massey LB.
1. Will there be any public consultation over the implementation of the new shops in Edmonton Rd?
2. If not, why not?
3. If so, when?
Next day she sent an email to Michael Riley, Auckland Transport, saying “I need an answer urgently by the middle of next week please as the wrong information is being portrayed yet again by Gary Osborne.” She forwarded a copy of that email to her fellow Board members and 3 Council officers. Perturbed by her claim I asked her to substantiate it. She refused repeated requests and sent me an email on 4 May, saying “The subject is now over.”

Next day I sent her the following email
“Dear Vanessa,
I would appreciate retraction of the statement “the wrong information is being portrayed yet again by Gary Osborne” and an apology within 24 hours of the date of this email.”

On 8 May I received the following email
“Dear Mr Osborne,
I am sorry the remark upset you, it was never meant too(sic). I withdraw the remark in question and apologise.
Vanessa Neeson, JP.”

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1 Response to Local Board Chair Retracts

  1. REV1 says:

    When are these overpaid, uninelligent people going to learn? Do they think the ratepayers are idiots? They seem to think that they can shoot from the hip without thinking. Sadly we have a deputy mayor and now a Communinity board member who have put their big feet in the pooh tried to make themselves look good, but instead coming out smelling of Shit.

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