Auckland Council Blocks More Emails

Three days ago, on 9 February, I sent two emails, one to the Chair of the Whau Board, one to one of my ward councillors, asking questions about the “artwork” in New Lynn. The emails were blocked. I complained. I was given the run around for three days despite repeated requests before finally being issued with a complaint number.
Instead I received the following assurances:
10 February
Marguerite Detlbet – Manager Democracy Services
“I wish to assure you that the Council is not blocking any of your emails.
I consider this matter now closed.”

Grant Taylor – Governance Director
“I asked Marguerite Delbet to investigate your complaint and respond directly to you with the outcome. Marguerite confirmed with you this afternoon that council was not blocking any of your emails.”

11 February
Phil Wilson – Chief of Staff
“I have sought advice as to whether emails are being blocked and am satisfied from the response that they are not.”

In the interim I contacted Vodafone and they checked and assured me my emails had gone through to Council.

At 5.45 pm Marguerite Delbet rang me with a Complaint Number and attempted to offer an explanation of sorts as to what had happened. She told me my emails had been “quarantined”. As the explanation was rather convoluted, I asked her to put it in writing and send me an email. So far it has not been forthcoming

EUPHEMISMS for blocking
case-managed, filtered, quarantined
What will be the next one?
As far as I’m concerned, whatever way you look at it, if an email doesn’t reach its intended recipient, whether from manual or mechanical intervention, it’s been BLOCKED!

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