Where’s AT at?

In September 2011 a number of property owners in Te Atatu South received letters from Auckland Transport (AT) advising that parts of their properties would be required for the widening of Te Atatu Rd. Dismayed by the paucity of reliable information from AT we formed TPOG (Te Atatu Property Owners Group) to share information. In November 2012 Michael Riley from AT wrote a threatening letter warning me not to share information with fellow ratepayers. I complained to the Chief Executive, David Warburton and Board Chairman, Lester Levy but both were dismissive of my complaint. (Further detail on this blog under Archives Jan 2013)
For four years ratepayers have been campaigning to have footpaths fixed outside Kelston Boys High School. Earlier this year they were told by AT they would probably have to wait another three or four years. Following publicity in the Western Leader it was agreed to give the matter some urgency.
At the northern end of Te Atatu Rd residents are concerned about the state of the seal on the road. One resident raised the matter with AT. Here is their response:
From: Info@aucklandtransport.govt.nz
Subject: Auckland Transport CAS-28845-K9Q0J3 Te Atatu Road – Road surface.
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2015 01:56:00 +0000

Dear Mr

Thank you for contacting Auckland Transport regarding the road surface along the location specified by yourself. We have been advised by our contractor who went out and inspected the road
that they don’t believe there to be any issues or hazards at this location hence there will be no further action taken at this time.

Kind regards

Annette | Feedback Coordinator
Customer Services

6 Henderson Valley Rd, Henderson, Waitakere 0612
Private Bag 92250, Auckland 1142

P 09 355 3553 | F 09 355 3550

At Auckland Transport, we greatly value our customers, and your feedback helps us improve our service. We invite you to participate in a brief 3-question customer satisfaction survey. If you would like to do that, simply click here. Thank you.

Unimpressed, he wrote back:

To: info@aucklandtransport.govt.nz
Subject: RE: Auckland Transport CAS-28845-K9Q0J3 Te Atatu Road – Road surface.
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2015 11:56:58 +1200
MY reply as a long standing resident, and suffering ratepayer using this sections of heavy used road way
by myself and other residents is dangerous for traffic use as a public road surfacing.
This view is held by other ratepayers/residents who i have spoken to including the once local WCC
Consider this reply a unacceptable consideration.
especially from your unsupported technical or other information supplied
Your attention to the above is requested at the earliest date


Hopefully AT will reconsider this matter.

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