Auckland Council Local Boards

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

There are arguments over who first made this statement so I have not attributed it.

Does your Local Board reflect the views of ratepayers?

Here are two extracts from the minutes of the latest Henderson-Massey Local Board meeting held on 2 May 2017.

“13.   Harbourview-Orangihina Master Plan

Resolution number HM/2017/63

MOVED by Member B Brady, seconded by Member V Neeson:

That the Henderson-Massey Local Board:

(a) Endorse the allocation and use of up to $120,000 of funds collected by the legacy Waitakere City Council through a Uniform Annual Charge initiated in 2001, to fund the development of a master plan for Harbourview-Orangihina park.                     CARRIED”

“14  d)  provides the following views on the annual budget regional financial policy consultation issues:

  1. Rates increase – The Henderson-Massey Local Board supports retaining the previously planned 3.5% average rates increase noting that:
  • Future infrastructure provision must be adequately resourced to enable successful community outcomes when growth occurs. Like many others this Board is poised to welcome thousands of new residents, particularly in growth areas of the North-west, and without proper resourcing we may embed structural problems that would be difficult and expensive to retro-fit in the future.”

Recently the majority of Councillors voted not to allow people to submit in person on this year’s budget at an Annual Plan hearing before the Finance and Performance Committee.

In April a statement appeared on the Council’s website saying “The feedback provided in the consultation is currently being processed and an overview report will be available here on 26 April 2017. When the summary failed to appear I was told there had been a delay because of public holidays but the report would be available on 28 April. When that did not happen I was told the report would be available in early May. I have seen little or no comment about a 3.5% rates increase.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    What are they trying to hide?

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