Harbourview Marae

Address to HMLB on 21 May 2019 by Gary Osborne
Mr Chairman, Board members, ladies and gentlemen.
I am concerned at the paucity of information regarding the proposed marae on the Harbourview land.
Unfortunately, too often ratepayers are treated as second-class citizens. We are useful for funding various programmes but are given limited information about them. We are invited to enter into consultations but too often our views are treated with dismissive contempt.
I was appalled at the attempt to stifle any discussion on the marae during the public submissions re the Harbourview Plan at the HMLB meeting on 4 December 2018. As I pointed out at the time, one third of the introduction was devoted to the marae. The speaker following me was shut down in a matter of seconds.
At a meeting of HMLB on 7 February 2017 it was claimed that Waitakere City Council had promised in 2003 to gift 2.5ha of land for a marae. I called for minutes to substantiate that, but no such minutes exist. Recently a pamphlet has been circulating advertising the planting of over 1000 trees as part of Matariki celebrations. The pamphlet claims, inter alia, “Supported by Auckland Council Parks and Reserves and Henderson/Massey Local Board.”
I am concerned that ratepayers, especially those who were levied $45 some years ago and are therefore stakeholders are being kept in the dark.
There are some pertinent questions that need asking and I put them to the Board today.
1. Is there a lease in place for the marae?
2. Has the Board approved a business plan for the marae?
3. Is there any intention of donating ratepayer money to the Marae Coalition?
4. What tangible funds does the Marae Coalition currently have?
5. Did the Board approve this tree planting as claimed in the pamphlet?
6. What impact will trees have on the view shaft?
7. What attempts has the Board made to advise ratepayers of what is going on?
8. Is the Board aware not one cent of the NZTA rental for the Works Depot has made it to the Harbourview account?
9. Is the Board aware not one cent of the pony club lease has made it to the Harbourview account?

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