Marae for Harbourview

On 18 June 2020 the Te Atatu Marae Coalition Trust Board presented a Marae project update to The Henderson Massey Local Board.

My comments during Public Forum follow.

Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a ratepayer I want to see my money spent wisely and I want to have input into what it’s spent on.

In the 1950’s private land on Te Atatu Peninsula was acquired by Auckland Harbour Board under the Public Works Act.

In 1989 approximately 115 ha was transferred from AHB to WCC.

In 1992 WCC ratepayers strongly opposed use of the land for housing or a marae.

In 1998 Bob Harvey proposed a Museum of Gardens and commercial development

In 1999 MP’s Neeson and Carter surveyed their constituents. More than 70% of respondents wanted the remaining land retained as a park, undeveloped.

In 2000 WCC said it would gazette 36 ha as the People’s Park.

In October 2000 Council voted against a proposal to set aside 2.5 ha of Harbourview land for a marae.


I wish to quote now from Waitakere City News June 2001.

“The  Council has voted unanimously to turn the 115 ha known as Harbourview into a park.”

“Last year the Council undertook a consultation exercise asking the community what it wanted on the land, and following that asked the Te Atatu Residents and Ratepayers group to develop a concept for a “People’s Park.”

“Mayor Bob Harvey says he was delighted that the concept was fully endorsed. “The people have told us loud and clear that they want no development on this land and we’ve listened.”

A levy of $45 was imposed on all ratepayers

“For the price of two hamburgers per year people are getting an absolutely magnificent waterfront park. This is another Cornwall Park which will be enjoyed for generations to come. It will (be) a legacy that all of us can be proud of “, says Mayor Harvey.


In mid-2003 there was a proposed plan change to allow a marae. The result of public consultation revealed in November from 91 submissions 74 were opposed.


Never the less here we are today in 2020 following various plan changes that culminated in the Unitary Plan allowing for a designated area on the Harbourview Park for a marae.


In 2010 $1,191,671 (the Harbourview Park fund) was transferred from WCC to AC.

Since 1 Dec 2012 Te Atatu Pony Club has paid a monthly rent to AC of $152.11.

A portion of the land used by the Causeway Alliance for a depot generated a significant monetary return, in excess of $2m.

  1. Why were these incomes not credited to the Harbourview Park fund?
  2. What is the current financial viability of the Marae Coalition?
  3. Is the HMLB satisfied with their viability?
  4. What assurances do ratepayers have that we will not be called upon for further funding?
  5. What is the proposed ownership title for the land for a marae?
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