1989                  115 ha land transferred from Auckland Harbour Board to WCC.

1992                  Council initiates public consultation on future use of land. Most written submissions

                           wanted land retained as a reserve.

1995                  Eco-Council adopts a concept plan for land without further public consultation. 30 ha for


1996                  Public protest about proposal including 7000 signature petition supporting creation of a

                           Park on the entire area.

1997                  More protests. 450 submissions presented to Council asking for a hearing. No response.

3/9/97               Projects Special Committee proposes a letter to submitters advising how the public will

                           be involved. 

1998                  Mayor Harvey proposes to establish a Museum of Gardens on all the undeveloped land.

                           Council resolves to prepare a concept development plan for Harbourview South and

                           Severance land.

                           Proposed Commercial development including marae and community facilities, tourism,

                           visitor services and accommodation, ferry service, events centre, cafes, restaurants,

                           residential apartment development, commercial activities associated with these.

1999                  More public opposition.

                           MP’s Carter and Neeson conduct independent surveys. More than 70% of respondents

                           want the remaining land undeveloped as a park.

2000                  A deputation from TARRA (Te Atatu Residents and Ratepayers Association0 is received by

                           Council. The Council resolves to retrieve Stage 2A from Waitakere Properties Ltd. It also

                           resolves to undertake public consultation setting out the options for use of the southern


                           Option 1    Museum of Gardens and Commercial development

                           Option 2    Park and Commercial Development

                           Option 3    People’s Park (no  commercial development)

 20/2/00           Te Taumata Runanga supported and recognised the “Te Atatu Coalition Group” and its

                           commitments to develop a community based marae complex within the Te Atatu


30/3/00            Te Taumata Runanga reports on possible marae sites. Sites investigated and rejected by

                           Council or the Henderson Community Board were Jack Pringle Park, Kaumatua Reserve,

                           Severance Land, End of Harbourview South Rd. Alternative sites investigated were

                           Harbourview, Gloria Reserve, Taipari Strand, Industrial sites around Totora/Wharf Rds.

25/10/00          Council resolved “That the Council’s future intention is to gazette all the undeveloped

                           land on Harbourview South as Open Space Reserve including 2A and the Lowland Reserve

                           and request the interested parties through the Te Atatu Residents Association to present

                           their proposals for the establishment of a community self-funding Trust and park concept

                           to this Council within nine months, at no cost to Council after which the gazette process

                           can proceed.”   

                           A motion to provide a minimum of 2.5 ha of land for development of a marae on

                           Harbourview was lost.

                           Council rejected the Museum of Gardens proposal.

29/5/01            Council receives TARRA’s proposal and resolves

                           “That the Council introduce, within three months, a variation to the proposed District

                           Plan covering all the land of Harbourview to be encompassed by the People’s Park

                           concept, including the land to be revested by Waitakere Properties, to impose a zoning

                           suitable in all respects to deliver the People’s Park concept.”

                          “That an Open Space Management Plan be prepared to now encompass the whole of the

                           Harbourview land to be integrated with the People’s Park concept to demonstrate the

                           final design prior to any gazetted action under the Reserves Act 1977.”

                           “That the Council commit to providing funding towards the concept, and during the

                           Annual Plan/Budget 2001 consider a Uniform Annual Charge of $8.00 plus GST called the

                           ‘People’s Park Development Charge’ to be charged for a maximum of five years as from

                           July 2001 towards the funding required by the ‘People’s Park’ for the initial five years

                           planned development, and that dialogue continue with the Auckland Regional Council.’ 

June 2001        Mayor Bob Harvey states “The people have told us loud and clear that they want no

                          development on this land and we’ve listened.” 

10/12/01          The City Development Committee resolved

                           “That the three month time-frame for lodging of a District Plan for the re-zoning of

                           Harbour view South land (as established in minute no. 1154/2002) be extended until such

                           time as issues relating to the possible provision of land for Marae purposes at Harbour

                           view South is determined.”

                          “That the City Development Committee approves the proposed process for the Open

                           Space Management Plan and that public notification of the intent to prepare a Draft

                           Open Space Management Plan be undertaken in February.

18/2/02            Te Taumata Runanga resolved

                           “That the Te Taumata Runanga support Council provision of 2.5 ha of land on Te Atatu

                           Peninsula for a Marae.”

27/2/02            Council resolved

                           “That 2.5 ha of land at the Harbourview no. 2 site on the Harbourview People’s Park land

                           be provided for the Te Atatu Marae.”

Feb 2003          Following public consultation and extensive work put in by TARRA and, in particular, Anne

                          Grace the Open Space Management Plan was adopted by Council.      

June 2003        Proposed plan change to allow a marae. Further to public consultation it was revealed in

                          November 2003 there were 91 submissions  — 74 against , 17 for.

29/1/04           TARRA files an appeal in the Environment Court to block WCC district plan change 2

                          allowing a marae on Harbourview.

2/2/06              Environment Court decision deferred until outcome of Council’s proposed Plan Change

                          12 is known.

24/3/07            Environment Court gives approval for a marae, listing a number of conditions.

28/3/07            Melba Wellington says they intend to register as a marae reservation with the Maori Land

                           Court by October.

24/5/13            David Tanenui says there is an opportunity to create a business out of the marae by

                           charging overseas visitors to stay there and giving them a Maori cultural experience.

9/10/15            High Court decides Harbourview land not to be offered back to descendants of original


2016                 The  Auckland Unitary Plan zoned the 2.5 ha area as Maori  Purpose.

18/6/16            Tree planting day at “Orangihina Park.”

15/11/16          Unitary Plan partly operative.

17/2/17            David Tanenui claimed at a meeting of HMLB “In 2003 Waitakere City Council were

                          about to gift/handover 2.5 hectares of land to Te Atatu Coalition Marae.”

2/5/17              HMLB endorses $120,000 for a Harbourview-Orangihina Masterplan.

April 2018        Council met with members of the Coalition Trust. Four tenure options were discussed.

  • Title to the occupants in fee simple with revisionary interest to Council
  • Reserves Act classification – local purpose (marae)
  • A long-term lease pursuant to the Local Government Act 2002
  • A Maori reservation pursuant to Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993

2018                 Council granted $150,000 to the Coalition Trust from the contestable Cultural Initiatives


August 2018    Ratepayers were invited to make submissions on the Harbourview-Orangihina


 4/12/18            The Chairman of HMLB, Shane Henderson, attempted to stifle any comments on the

                           Marae by saying it was out of scope.

February 2019 The Harbourview-Orangihina Park Masterplan was adopted with an area for the marae

                          clearly carved out.

July 2019         The Te Atatu Marae Development Plan was completed. Resources to develop the marae

                           were significant.

18/2/20            HMLB received a deputation from Te Atatu Marae Coalition Trust Board. Spokesperson

                           was identified as Mihi Te Huia, Chairperson.  She said they had planted trees involving

                           the Muslim community. She said the Council kept shifting the goalposts. They did not

                           want a lease –that’s what the Council wanted.

                           Local Board member Brenda Brady said she had supported the marae from the


                           Councillor Cooper said she was disappointed it had taken so long.

March 2020     HMLB resolved to request that the land tenure for the marae be resolved by the Parks,

                           Arts, Community and Events Committee (or most appropriate committee).

2020                  The Coalition Trust decided to proceed with a long-term lease while retaining the option

                           to pursue a Maori reservation at some time in the future.

                           Council has an agreement with the Coalition Trust to contribute to the scope, detailed

                           design, consent and stage one of the marae development.

15/9/20            A report was presented to HMLB recommending that it request the Governing Body to

                           grant a long-term lease to the Te Atatu Marae Coalition Trust subject to any relevant

                           statutory processes. Council has a grant agreement with the Coalition Trust to contribute.

                           The funding needs to be spent in the 2020/21 year.             

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