We are concerned with the lack of accountability of the Auckland City Council to its rate payers  with regards to  public assets.

We have asked some simple questions   which   get very evasive replies from those whose job it is to be answerable and accountable to the public .

We would appreciate your feed back on any  issues with the council  and specific councillors  and your experience with council in general .


7 Responses to About

  1. Penny Bright says:

    Would you like me to add your blog address as a link on my blog?

    My blog is http://waterpressure.wordpress.com

    My email is waterpressure@gmail.com


    Penny Bright
    Ph (09) 846 9825
    021 211 4 127

  2. Rob Weir says:

    I would very much appreciate it if you could contact me concerning issues relating to the Te Atatu road widening. My name is Rob Weir. My e mail is rob@crescentchambers.co.nz. My mobile is 0276766203. Tank you

  3. Ursula Lawrence says:

    I am doing the hard yards with WaterCare (WaterIDon’tGiveAStuff) so this was interesting. However does anyone actually listen or form some sort of co-ordinated action or are we all just venting to the ether and similarly hacked off souls via variously bitter blogs?
    In all honesty I don’t like being treated in the way I have been. I am pretty sure if I acted in a similar way in my professional life the sanction would be swift and unpleasant but the playing fields are ever unlevel in these situations.

  4. Sarah Gregory says:

    Thought it might be helpful for others to suggest the involvement of Adina Thorn Lawyers – http://www.adinathorn.co.nz/ if they are involved in a Public Works Act dispute. They represent home owners that are facing compulsory land acquisition. They have a lot of clients affected by the Te Atatu Road widening as well as Auckland City Rail and AMETI.

  5. Frank says:

    Henderson Massey Local Board at the latest budget committee (pg 91 item 43) ” The Board no longer supports the sinking lid gambling policy…. elected officials keen to keep the funding flowing it seems.

    • Anon-o -mouse says:

      Right on Frank. The Pokies seem to influence or attract to West Auckland Politicians some of the dodgiest behaviour in NZ. Martin Legge (pokies whistle blower) is worth a read (google). Their is not a “normal” council infrastructure project ever out west. There are multiple “shared partnerships and trusts” which are designed to hide what the money is being used for then back handed to various mates to persue their central government political goals. ONce the money leaves council into the trusts they can do what the like with them. Wow! Didn’t know Linda Cooper was shonky as well. Sigh.

  6. Anon-o -mouse says:

    Hi Gary I’m finding your blog helpful with my current situation with council! Have you considered adding a field where we can put our email addresses, and get updates when you put a new item on the blog?

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