Bob’s emails


Unless one has been in a position of disagreement with Bob Harvey, they have probably never experienced his Gordon Ramsey-type language in a one to one situation. I had never met Bob Harvey until I was on the receiving end of claims by the Waitakere City Council in 2003 that my swimming pool fencing was no longer compliant. My pool was featured on the Holmes Show.


Firstly, Bob’s phone manner took me completely aback and secondly, upon visiting my home to inspect my pool, some of his comments merely added insult to injury. Here is the email I sent him and his reply.


“On 3/9/03 at 3.50 pm, during the course of our conversation, I expressed my disapproval of your use of coarse language. Your response was “I couldn’t care less,”  and you also accused me of trying to trap you. Are you now prepared to acknowledge your language to me as a ratepayer was on that occasion inappropriate?


Gary Osborne”


His response:

“Mr Osborne

Please don’t now start on me, you have had your brief moment of fame…. you have told all New Zealand your wows, and you must feel somewhat better. I have nothing to say or add, I came in the pissing down rain to see you, I got soaked, so Mr Osborne you have had your slice of me …. And my ear. Over and Out. Regards to you too. 

Bob Harvey.”

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