Chronology of events

Film Studios Chronology
1986 – 1992 Bob Harvey New Zealand Film Commission Deputy Chairman
21-Nov-88 WAITAKERE PROPERTIES LIMITED(WPL) Mark Dacombe director 14/8/91
5-Sep-91 WPL Ross Jewell appointed director
Oct-92 Bob Harvey Mayor Waitakere City
1-Jul-93 WPL Robert Noakes appointed director
1-Sep-93 WPL Suzanne Margaret Price appointed director,Dacombe resigns.
13-Jun-94 WAITAKERE ENTERPRISE TRUST BOARD Established  Council provided $1,123,000, Central Government $1,043,809
1-Jul-94 WPL Suzanne Margaret Price replaced by director Beverley Ann Magee.
14-Jun-96 B & A Management Limited Incorporated, directors & shareholders Andrew Coldicutt and Andrew Maher
17-Sep-96 WAITAKERE CORPORATE LIMITED Incorporated, directors Graham Wakefield (WCC’s solicitor) & Sharon Simiona
9-Apr-97 WAITAKERE PROPERTIES LIMITED Constitution filed 1A.1 confines trading to that restricted  to obligations of LGA 97
5-Jun-97 WAITAKERE CITY HOLDINGS LIMITED(WCHL) Incorporated, director Mark Dacombe, share capital of $5 million. Waitakere City Council is the sole shareholder.
31-Mar-99 WPL Jennifer Price appointed director.
1-Jul-99 Bryan William MOGRIDGE Appointed director  WAITAKERE CITY HOLDINGS LIMITED
1-Jul-99 WCHL Ross Jewell, Gordon Sunde,John Riddell, Daphne Freeth  appointed directors.
Feb 1999 – Nov 2000 Bob Harvey President New Zealand Labour Party
20-Oct-00 WCHL Gordon Sunde ceases directorship.
2001 – 2006 Bob Harvey New Zealand Film Commission
15-Jan-01 WCHL Robert Stannic appointed director.
10-Apr-01 Bryan William MOGRIDGE Shareholder in Committee for Auckland  Ltd which pushed for the Super City .
13-Oct-01 WPL Jennifer Price ceases directorship
31-Oct-01 WCHL Harold O’Rourke appointed director. Freeth,Riddell & Stannic ceased directorships.
31-Jan-02 Graham Wakefield Was Manager Legal Services- Waitakere City Council (Corporate Solicitor); from 2004 he was a consultant and heavily involved with the film studios through his company.
24-Sep-02 press release post film ak anouncement Waitakere City Council puchases the Enza coolstores to convert into Film Studios.
24-Dec-02 Local Government Act 2002. Came into force.
5-Jun-03 draft business plan MOVED by Cr Presland, seconded Mayor Bob Harvey.
20-Jul-03 Foundation Films Ltd John Massam & John Sax wound up on Inland Revenue’s application.
2003 Film Auckland ACC,WCC and Waitakere Enterprise became key partners.
21-May-04 Film Auckland Incorporated Film Auckland becomes an incorporated society.
1-Aug-04 Millennium Films Ltd Leslie Bradley,  was wound up on Inland Revenue’s application
16-Sep-04 WCC Joint Venture WCC signs joint film venture with Fiji.
20-Jan-05 Prime West Ltd Incorporated, sole director and shareholder (1 share) Andrew Maher
20-Jan-05 Prime West Management Ltd Registered. Director: Andrew Maher   Shareholder: Andrew Maher 1 share
11-Apr-05 Henderson Valley Studios FOP (Finance & Operational Performance) committee discusses proposal by WPL for future of HVS.
20-Apr-05 Local Studio Named After Young Filmmaker
9-May-05 Prime West Ltd Kenneth Michael Williams appointed  ( he was already a trustee of enterprise waitakere )
11-Apr-05 confidential  meeting FOP decides to continue investment in Henderson Valley Film Studios
25-May-05 sale to joint venture Public excluded from discussion where WCC agreed to sell all land and complex at 40 Henderson Valley Rd (valued at $6m) in exchange for shares in a new company to be set up.
21-Jul-05 Tony Tay Trust Ltd Incorporated ,shareholders and directors Tony & Selina Tay.
21-Oct-05 Movie announcement The Bridge to Terabithia  where AWINZ attended through Wells.
30-Oct-05 Coldicutt & Maher Close 6 companies  owing  IRD total $1,068,757
9-Jan-06 Investors check Henderson film studio Bob Harvey said yesterday that the council and its business arm, Enterprise Waitakere, had talks with three investors, whom he was not free to name, who were now investigating the proposal.
5-Mar-06 Leslie Bradley IRD pursues Bradleys’ Media Developments
9-Jun-06 Prime West Ltd Kenneth Michael Williams ceases directorship.
13-Jun-06 Prime West Ltd Coldicutt appointed director
14-Jun-06 Prime West Management Ltd Coldicutt appointed director
15-Jun-06 Prime West Management Ltd Coldicutt acquires the only share from Maher.
15-Jun-06 Prime West Ltd Coldicutt acquires the only share from Maher.
28-Jun-06 confidential meeting Council resolves to accept the investor Tony Tay Group as shareholders in Prime West Limited and Prime West Management Limited.
29-Jun-06 press release Waitakere City Council last night voted to enter into a joint venture with the Tony Tay Group to develop the $7 million facility.
21-Jul-06 Prime West Management Ltd Constitution adopted  400 A shares Waitakere Properties Ltd, 300  B shares   HCFMS Ltd (Coldicutt ),    300  C shares   Tony Tay, Selina Tay, Ron Cherry, John White. Greg Parker, Tony Tay registered as directors.
21-Jul-06 Prime West Ltd 60,000 $100 shares issued to Waitakere Properties Ltd 75,000 $100 shares issued to Tony Tay Trust Ltd. Ross Jewell, Tony Tay registered as directors.
10-Nov-06 John Massam, Kids World Productions and Joseph Productions, two companies linked to producer John Massam, had a chambers hearing in a case with the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.
1-Dec-06 chair persons report Page 2 The studios were sold to Prime West Limited, a joint venture company owned by Council (44.5%) and Tony Tay Group (55.5%). Tony Tay invested $7.5 million in Prime West to
construct a new sound stage at Henderson Valley Studios. Construction commenced in mid-December 2006, co-ordinated by Waitakere Properties, with completion in the third quarter of
2007. Prime West settled its acquisition of the studio site once the construction of the new studio was completed in October 2007. WPL is involved in the ongoing management of the joint
venture company until such time as Council wishes to exit its investment.
28-Feb-07 Prime West Ltd John Duncan appointed director
6-Mar-07 Prime West Ltd 60,000 shares transferred from Waitakere properties Limited to Waitakere city council
21-Mar-07 Prime West Ltd Coldicutt resigns
28-Mar-07 Council Mr Tony Tay, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from the Tony Tay Group,said the Opening Prayer.
29-Aug-07 Route 9 Investments Leslie Bradley companies wound up for tax avoidance
29-Jul-07 press release Country’s largest film sound studio opens in Waitakere
14-Oct-07 Andrew Maher Director in Clegg and Co companies. Clegg & Co was insolvent two years before receivership Serious Fraud Office’s investigation into Clegg & Co Finance follows revelations from liquidators that the firm’s holding company was insolvent in 2005
1-Nov-07 Tony Tay film Limited incorporated directors Kieran Boru FITZSIMMONS & Tony Meng Hiang TAY15% Rehoboth entertainment  (FITZSIMMONS
14-Dec-07 Prime West Ltd 75,000 shares transferred from Tony Tay Trust Ltd to Tony Tay Film Ltd.  (In this manner  Fitzsimmons becomes the onsite manager and a share holder in the project.)
17-Dec-07 Prime West Management Ltd Kieran Fitzsimmons appointed director
21-Feb-08 Prime West Management Ltd Sale of 300 shares Tony Tay, Selina Tay, Ron Cherry, John White   to Tony Tay Film Ltd ( accountants Ron Cherry)
13-Apr-08 PRIME WEST LIMITED Kensington Swan becomes registered address.
20-Apr-08 John Massam 16 more Joseph Productions companies face liquidation by Inland Revenue
11-May-08 John Massam 6 more Joseph Productions companies face liquidation by Inland Revenue
18-May-08 John Massam IRD seeks liquidation for 24 more Kids World Production companies
25-May-08 Dale Bradley Bradley’s Cedar Valley Pictures faces liquidation by IRD
25-May-08 John Massam One more Joseph Productions company faces liquidation by IRD
8-Jun-08 John Massam Last 2 Joseph Productions companies wound up by iRD
30-Jun-08 Waitakere City Holdings Limited Annual Report: investment in the associate company is carried at cost ($400) in Waitakere Properties Limited Statement of Financial Position page 27 shows loss of $54,682
29-Jul-08 Tony Tay group Mr Tay reportedly paid nearly $5 million for the 15ha property in mid- 2007 and spent $20 million developing it. Mr Fitzsimmons said the Tony Tay Group would face a significant loss but wanted to do the right thing by contractors.
7-Sep-08 Hot Group Ltd Karapiro Management faces liquidation, Directors: Ma Tian Min & Tony Tay settled 2 Nov.
10-Nov-08 Finance and Operational Performance Committee PWL itself does not employ staff (although Graham Wakefield is contracted as company secretary) with management services being provided by Prime West Management Limited (PWML) pursuant to a Management Deed, subject to payment of a monthly fee. PWML employs Kieran Fitzsimmons as Managing Director for the Studio business, and John Worley as Site Manager. Greg Parker acts as Chairperson of the PWML Board.
26-Nov-08 SHAREHOLDERS’ AGREEMENT AND COMPANY Moved by Cr Clow, seconded Cr Clews) (resolution 2000/2008) “Agree the Henderson Valley Studios: Shareholders’ Agreement And Company Constitution Agenda report and associated resolutions remain confidential until such time as the reasons for
confidentiality no longer exist.”
14-Dec-08 Grant Bradley Inland Revenue has progressively wound up Mr Bradley’s film partnership companies over the past 4 years, including many in the Thriller X and all of the Sydney Productions series.
21-Dec-08 Selina & Tony Tay Claims against 4 Jireh companies by IRD  they survive by 7 June 2009
27-Jan-09 Constitution filed This was the only constitution on this company’s record, it was prepared by Kensington Swan for a company in which the Council was a minority shareholder.
14-Jun-09 Dale Bradley Inland Revenue  wind up Media Office Services Ltd
30-Jun-09 Prime West Management Ltd Page 26 Waitakere Properties Ltd has a 40% interest in Prime West Management Limited and its reporting date is at 30 June.  The business of the company is property management. The company is insolvent and the investment has been written down to nil. Page 28 This company is now insolvent. Waitakere Properties Ltd advanced the sum of $49,902 to Prime West Management Ltd. Repayment will be made during the 2010 financial year. ( this sum reflects closely  to directors fees for the previous year.Page 32  )
6-Jul-09 Finance and Operational Performance Expectations of directors by council
21-Jul-09 Prime West Ltd Name changed to Auckland Film Studios Ltd
28-Jul-09 Auckland Film Studios Ltd Registered office PO Box 21 891, Henderson
29-Jul-09 Prime West Management Ltd Coldicutt resigned from Board Sale of 300 shares  HCFMS Ltd( Coldicutt )  to Auckland Film Studios Ltd
3-Aug-09 Auckland Film Studios Ltd Greg Parker, Kieran Fitzsimmons,  appointed director
13-Oct-09 Prime West Management Ltd New director: John Duncan
22-Nov-09 Auckland Film Studios Ltd NEW ZEALAND’S film industry is on a roll, despite fears the rising dollar may put off Hollywood producers. A string of big-budget movies are being filmed or planned, including Peter Jackson’s next three projects and a big-screen version of classic cartoon Yogi Bear.
10-Nov-09 Auckland Film Studios Ltd Henderson Valley Film Studios is so busy that it’s turning international productions away.
10-Dec-09 Prime West Management Ltd Waitakere Properties Limited  shareholding reduced from 400 to 240
10-Dec-09 Prime West Management Ltd PWML purchased 160 shares from WPL for nil consideration and cancelled them taking total shares to 840.
17-Dec-09 Prime West Management Ltd PWML removed share parcel of 300 shares held by Auckland Film Studios Ltd taking total shares to 540.
23-Dec-09 Prime West Management Ltd Amalgamation with Auckland Film Studios Ltd
16-Sep-10 Auckland Film Studios Ltd Address changed from Kensington Swan  to  Chapmans Chartered Accountants.
14-Mar-10 Tony Tay Inland Revenue Application to wind up 3 of Tays’ Jireh companies
2-May-10 Tony Tay Application to wind up: Tony Tay & Associates faces liquidation by Body corp 183523
4-Jul-10 Tony Tay Voluntary liquidation: Tony Tay Group & 5 more Jireh companies close
7-Jul-10 Tony Tay Tony Tay’s Auckland-based property development company has been placed into liquidation but the collapse will not affect his film production business, in which the Waitakere City Council is a major shareholder, Mayor Bob Harvey said yesterday. “This is a glitch for Mr Tay but not for us.”
11-Jul-10 Tony Tay’s  accountant Voluntary liquidation: Ron Cherry Accounting Services
25-Jul-10 Jireh Court liquidation: Jireh International Academy backed by the Tony Tay Group Ltd
1-Aug-10 Tony Tay Receivers enter 3 Tay companies
23-Sep-10 Film Auckland Incorporated de registered from Charity  commission
23-Sep-10 Film New Zealand Trust de registered from Charity  commission
10-Oct-10 Auckland Film Studios Ltd Disney Abandons Auckland Film Studio
21-Oct-10 Film Central North Island Trust de registered from Charity  commission
22-Oct-10 Film South New Zealand de registered from Charity  commission
1-Nov-10 Waitakere Enterprise Trust Board Struck off
1-Nov-10 Auckland Film Studios Ltd Shares transferred to AUCKLAND COUNCIL INVESTMENTS LIMITED
1-Feb-11 TONY TAY FILM LIMITED Receivership
6-Feb-11 Auckland Film Studios Ltd How stake in the West was lost
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